Ten-year-old Hiam, a little girl from the West Bank city of Jenin who suffered from severe scoliosis, can now stand straight and tall, thanks to the delicate spinal surgery performed at Hadassah.Hiam’s back had been so painfully twisted in a 100-degree turn that it pressed against her lungs and made breathing difficult for her. “Only one doctor in the country could handle such surgery,” reports Prof. Meir Liebergall, head of Hadassah’s Orthopedics Department. “That’s our back expert, Dr. Leon Kaplan.”

Dr. Kaplan, whose patients include movie stars, labored for eight hours on Haim’s back. “It’s both a difficult and a dangerous operation,” relates Dr. Kaplan. “One wrong move can leave a patient paralyzed for life.” Fortunately, Dr. Kaplan successfully moved Haim’s spinal cord without damaging her delicate network of nerves. Dr. Ido Yatsiv of Hadassah’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, along with his team, then took over to help Hiam’s delicate lungs recover. Haim now has a new lease on life thanks to Hadassah!