Karine Israel, the new head of Hadassah Paris, joined her mother, Michelle Israel, the former head of Hadassah Paris, in Jerusalem last week to celebrate Hadassah’s 100-year anniversary. Karine grew up helping her mother organize Hadassah events and never stopped. “I care a lot about scientific research and about helping others,” Karine said. “It is about caring about people.”
Hadassah France has 15,000 members. Karine is now responsible for overseeing the growth of the Paris Unit, which has 9,000 volunteers. She is putting special emphasis on raising money for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease medical research.

Both mother and daughter were wearing heart-shaped necklaces with the letter “H” inside, designed for Hadassah France by the famed French designer, Fred, and sold across France to raise money for the Hadassah Medical Center. Coming to Jerusalem with her mother and scores of Hadassah delegates from all over the world was a joyous experience, Karine said. “I am so happy to attend my first convention in Israel; it is a big deal and very interesting to meet Hadassah members from all over the world and learn about how they work and what they do.” Patricia Levinson, Hadassah International Communications Chair, noted that “Hadassah France would not be what it is today without them.”