Prof. Pablo Rozik, Prof. Hugo Magonza, and Prof. Yoram Weiss

On May 10, the Hadassah Medical Organization delegation that traveled to Argentina to share its medical expertise in overcoming COVID-19 met with top medical professionals from the Center for Medical Education and Clinical Research (CEMIC), which is the Argentina equivalent of the National Academy of Medicine. During this meeting, Director General Prof. Hugo Magonza and Prof. Pablo Rozik, head of the Department of Psychiatry, briefed the Hadassah delegation on the health situation in Argentina.

Lectures at Garahan Hospital and Hadassah’s experience regarding COVID-19

The Hadassah medical experts also met with 40 top directors of hospitals and COVID-19 departments at Garrahan Hospital, the country’s leading free public pediatric hospital.

At Garrahan, Prof. Yoram Weiss, director of Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, Prof. Sigal Sviri, head of Hadassah’s COVID-19 intensive care units, and nurse Claudia Poggi, a specialist in complex COVID-19 care, gave presentations about their experiences in battling COVID-19. Their presentations were followed by a question and answer session where the medical professionals had the opportunity to exchange ideas.

Hadassah has signed collaborative agreements with both Garrahan and CEMIC to share medical expertise.

Nurse Claudia Poggi, talking about her experience treating COVID-19 patients and managing the situation

Later, the Hadassah team met with Raúl Olmos, a Hadassah donor and the owner of the Olmos Group, a leading Argentine holding company in the provision of health services, and BASA Salud, a health network of hospitals in the province of Buenos Aires. Olmos was joined by his team of medical professionals.

In addition, the Hadassah delegation visited with ANMAT, the National Administration of Drugs, Foods and Medical Devices—Argentina’s version of the US Food and Drug Administration, to discuss the ways that some of the COVID-19 drugs that were developed at Hadassah, such as Allocetra, could be produced in Argentina.

Facts about COVID-19 in Argentina at the time of these meetings:

Total cases confirmed: 3,165,121

Total active cases: 260,242

Total recovered: 2,837,058

Total deaths: 67,821


See below pictures from the meeting with directors of hospitals and COVID-19 departments at Garrahan Hospital:

Prof. Yoram Weiss, director of Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem addressing the Argentinian hospital and COVID-19 department directors at Garrahan Hospital


Jorge Diener, Hadassah International executive director


Prof. Sigal Sviri addressing the audience


Medical staff from around Argentina listening to the Hadassah presentation


Prof. Weiss’s presentation


Claudia Poggi’s presentation