“You saved my son’s life,” the father said, “and I came to thank you. More than that, I came to help Hadassah.” These were the words of a young Israeli Arab, in traditional Moslem dress, who, before leaving the hospital, stopped to express his appreciation.  Osnat Moskowitz, Director of the Hadassah Medical Center’s Development, Donors and Events Department, relates:   “I looked at the little boy in the carriage, and saw the earnestness on the faces of his parents and I knew that medicine is a bridge to peace.”

The parents had brought their sick child to Hadassah from their home in a village at least two hours north of Jerusalem. After several weeks in the Pediatric Department at Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem, the child was healthy.

“I looked around the department,” the father said, “and I saw there are things you need. I spoke to the Head Nurse and together we made a list. Things like strollers to transport the children and certain toys that would help them during their stay. I am going to fundraise for you,” he said emphatically. “I am going to make sure the children who are lucky enough to be treated here have everything they need.”

Mrs. Moskowitz notes: “During these days, when the relationship between Israel’s Arabs and Israel’s Jews seems especially fragile, an interaction such as this reminds me that there is hope, even in tenuous times.”