Dr. Pablo Roitman of Hadassah’s Department of Psychiatry raised awareness about the work of the Hadassah Medical Center as he presented lectures to various groups in Monterrey and Mexico City during a three-day “Mediscope Tour.” Dr. Roitman lectured at a Monterrey psychiatric public hospital, which is associated with the Technological Institute of Monterrey, one of the most important academic institutions in Mexico, where Hadassah International hosted a nursing seminar a few years ago there, featuring Hadassah nurses. Dr. Roitman also gave a presentation at Hospital Angeles in Mexico City. He covered such topics as Medicine in Times of War, Medical and Scientific Breakthroughs at the Hadassah Medical Organization, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Prevention and Treatment at the Hadassah Medical Center.

In Monterrey, Dr. Roitman also spoke at the Jewish Community Center, where Dr. Carlos Arevalos, who trained at Hadassah Hospital for five years, gave a glowing report about his educational experience in Jerusalem. During the evening, Hadassah Mexico Director Ethel Fainstein presented a certificate to Becky Drucker, who had donated $5,000 of her Bat Mitzvah gift money to Hadassah’s Department of Neonatology. There was also a special lunch organized by Hadassah supporters to broaden the fundraising base in Monterrey.

A major highlight during Dr. Roitman’s visit was a reception in his honor, hosted by Israeli Ambassador to Mexico His Excellency Yosef Livne and his wife, Norma. The event was attended by Hadassah Mexico board members, donors, and guests. Hadassah Mexico Director Ethel Fainstein relates that recognizing donors through the presentation of certificates to them “generated quite a bit of excitement.”