Fertility experts from Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Cyprus, and Israel worked together with a United States reproductive endocrinologist to produce the first-ever cooperative study on in vitro fertilization services in the Middle East.

The study, which summarizes fertility services that are available throughout the region, has been published in London’s Journal of Experimental & Clinical Assisted Reproduction.

Prof. Ariel Revel of the Hadassah Medical Center is one of the participants.

A similarity among the countries, the research revealed, is that they often have free or affordable treatment for infertility problems. In addition, physicians offer seamless care to their patients—from helping them to conceive to delivering their babies.

Dr. Eric Scott Sills from Vassar Brothers Medical Center of New York, who coordinated preparation of this scientific paper, commented that “these were outstanding scholars who seemed to welcome the opportunity to build some bridges.” He added: “Our study showed that the conflict of the region is not necessarily the whole story. As physicians, we need to work for healing and peace wherever possible, and these colleagues demonstrated a desire and ability to work together despite any differences—one embryo at a time.”