Jewish, Christian, and Moslem women from Israel, Jordan, and Egypt met in Jordan for a workshop on building mutual trust and understanding, organized by a Jerusalemite whose son was injured in a terror attack.

The women from Jordan and Egypt had never met a Jewish person before, reports Barbara Sofer, Hadassah’s Israel Public Relations Director, but they had heard of Hadassah and its wonderful work.

The gathering had been organized by Jerusalemite Elana Rozenman, whose son, Noam, was gravely injured in a terrorist attack on Ben Yehuda Street ten years ago. Mrs. Rozenman now heads an organization called Emun (the Hebrew word for trust). Through Emun, Arab and Israeli women get together at parlor meetings to dialogue and promote greater understanding of one another.

“When my husband and I got to the hospital,” Mrs. Rozenman recalls, “we were told that our son needed urgent surgery.” The surgeon who operated was an Arab physician. “My son had been blown up by an Arab terrorist,” Mrs. Rozenman notes, “and here was an Arab doctor at Hadassah Hospital to heal him. Even in those dark moments I sensed a spark of the potential for peace.”