A new interdisciplinary center for the treatment of epilepsy in children and adults has opened at the Hadassah University Medical Center.

A team of pediatric and adult neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine experts, nurses, nutrition specialists, and researchers will help patients navigate this common, but complex disease.

With the right treatment, 70 percent of patients with epilepsy become seizure free and are able to lead completely normal lives. Patients who continue to suffer from seizures despite medical therapy can be helped through implantation of a pacemaker or other surgical procedures.

“Many patients suffering from seizures (often for years) or from side effects of anticonvulsant therapy are not aware that there is a possibility of improving their condition” says Dr. Dana Ekstein from the Neurology Department at Hadassah, who coordinates the new Center’s activities. “Therefore, it is extremely important,” she notes, “to raise awareness in the general public and medical community about the need for an epilepsy specialty center at which advanced evaluation and treatment for even the most difficult cases are made possible.” She adds that Hadassah’s epilepsy center “holds itself to the highest standard in diagnosis and treatment of patients.” In addition, Dr. Ekstein relates, the Center “supports high-level research in collaboration with researchers from the Hebrew University and other leading institutions worldwide.”