A new automated cerebral imaging technology that saves invaluable minutes when diagnosing a possible stroke is now available at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem. Called RAPID CT perfusion, the technology automatically quantifies regions of reduced cerebral blood flow and volume with a degree of detail not possible with CT and MRI scanners. Moreover, the data can be transferred via mobile apps and email.

“This technology is unparalleled,” says Hadassah Stroke Service Director Prof. Ronen Leker.It takes just two minutes for a computer to decode the results and determine if there was a stroke, what its size is, and even if we should perform an urgent cerebral catheterization or treat it with an anticoagulant.”

Prof. Moshe Gomori, head of MRI and the Neuroradiology Unit, adds, “Without the new technology, an expert needs to be on hand to decipher the data derived from the existing systems. The new system does this automatically, saving time that is critical in real-time strokes. This is part of a general and comprehensive process of providing fast and accessible diagnostics 24/7.”

A first for Israel, the new technology will soon be introduced at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus and incorporated into all MRI devices throughout the Hadassah Medical Organization.