A new treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) based on stem cell technology and now in clinical trials at the Hadassah University Medical Center appears to have cured an Orthodox Rabbi in Israel who was diagnosed with the disease two years ago.

The Rabbi may be the first known patient cured of ALS. If the drug proves to be a viable treatment for ALS, the results would be game changing, and would help people afflicted with ALS across the world. “There is no doubt that a great drama is taking place here,” said a Hadassah doctor. Read the full story in The Algemeiner.

For the story as it appeared on Israeli TV (in Hebrew) you can use the following link: http://www.mako.co.il/news-channel2/Channel-2-Newscast/Article-ac8e35f5cd84831017.htm

For an earlier story on this ALS treatment, please go to http://hadassahinternational.org/news/article.asp?id=2152&language=en