“The Future of Eye Medicine”

Episode II of the HI Winter Live Series: Now I See You, in which Prof. Itay Chowers, Chairman, Division of Ophthalmology of Hadassah Medical Organization, together with his colleagues Prof. Eyal Banin, Dr. Hadas Ben-Eli, and Dr. David Smadja will shed light and a glimpse into the future of eye medicine.

Join us to gain insight into what actions are already underway to realize this futuristic vision.


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Director, Donors Department
Hadassah Offices in Israel
19:00 Jerusalem | 18:00 CET | 12 pm EST
11 am Mexico | 2 pm Argentina


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November 2020 – February 2021
Every other week on Thursdays
19:00 Jerusalem | 18:00 CET | 12 pm EST
11 am Mexico | 2 pm Argentina

Winter Live Series 2020



ITAI CHOWERS, MD, Ph.D. – Chairman, Division of Ophthalmology, Hadassah Medical Organization

Prof. Chowers genetic studies have facilitated the characterization of multiple novel genes associated with retinal degeneration, as well as the genetic architecture of age-related macular degeneration in the Israeli population. Prof. Chowers is a reviewer for over 20 peer-reviewed journals. He maintains membership in seven professional and scientific societies and has received 20 competitive research grants since 1999 and fourteen awards and prizes. Prof. Chowers is the author and co-author of 103 manuscripts in peer-reviewed literature.


EYAL BANIN, MD, Ph.D. – Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of the Hadassah Center for Retinal and Macular Degenerations (CRMD)

Prof. Banin’s clinical focus is medical retina as well as hereditary retinal and macular degenerations. His main research interests are the application of gene and cell therapy for retinal disease and phenotype-genotype characterization of retinal degenerations. He is the author or co-author of 124 peer-reviewed manuscripts (including publications in PNAS, JCI, Am J Hum Genet, Cell Stem Cell, Molecular Therapy, Neuron, Stem cells, Human gene Therapy, Ophthalmology, IOVS, and others). Prof. Banin has 21 awards and prices, plus membership in 6 professional and scientific societies.


HADAS BEN-ELI, Ph.D. – Director of Optometry and Biometry Service, Hadassah Ophthalmology Division

Dr. Hadas Ben-Eli holds a Bachelor’s degree in Optometry from the Hadassah Academic College, a Master’s degree in Neuro- and Behavioral Science, and Doctorate in Public Health from the Hebrew University. On the clinical aspects, her focus is on Cataract surgery candidates and calculating advanced Intra-Ocular lenses to be transplanted during cataract surgery such as Toric and Multifocal lenses. Dr. Ben-Eli is also a lecturer to Bachelor and Master’s degree Optometry Students.



DAVID SMADJA, MD, Ph.D. Head of the Refractive Surgery Unit in Hadassah’s Ophthalmology Division and Medical Director of Ein Tal Hadassah Laser Institute. Adjunct Researcher at the Nanotechnology Institute of Bar-Ilan University

Over the past 5 years, Dr. Smadja co-founded 3 start-up companies in the field of Nanotechnologies for visual correction and artificial intelligence-based tools. He is CEO of NanoDrops Ltd (a company that develops eye drops for correcting vision). Chief Medical Officer of SMARRT Ltd (a company that develops glasses that zoom and adjust automatically the focus). Chief Medical Officer of iSlit Ltd (a company that develops the eye doctor’s everyday working tools, empowered by artificial intelligence).