A six-year-old Ethiopian boy who suffers from AIDS immigrated to Israel with his father and older siblings after his mother died. The Hadassah Medical Center has given him a quality of life he hasn’t experienced in a long time.

While still living in Ethiopia, the young child began suffering from lung and blood infections, as well as severe skin infections. These were more difficult to treat and dangerous because he had AIDS. By the time he came to Israel, his skin infection was so severe it had disfigured his appearance.

When the young boy was brought to Hadassah, a multidisciplinary team of experts, including ophthalmologists and dermatologists, was assembled to explore treatment options for him. They decided to pursue aggressive drug treatment in combination with his regular regimen of anti-retroviral drugs. Concurrently, the Pediatric AIDS Center team reached out to his father and siblings with emotional support, also helping the older brother to find appropriate schooling.

Thanks to the new regimen, the little boy’s skin and other infections gradually cleared, allowing him to enjoy a renewed quality of life.