Dr. Felicia Knaul, Director of the Harvard Global Equity Initiative, which aims to expand cancer care and control in developing countries, visited the Hadassah Medical Center in mid-March and discussed the potential for collaborative projects with Dr. Ilana Kadmon, Hadassah’s Breast Care Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Dr. Knaul met with Hadassah Director General Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, Prof. Orly Manor, Dean of the Hadassah-Hebrew University Braun School of Public Health, Dr. Miri Rom, Dean of the Henrietta Szold School of Nursing, and Prof. Tamar Peretz, Director of the Sharett Institute of Oncology.

Dr. Knaul had been invited to the Medical Center by Dr. Kadmon, who met her during a Breast Cancer Awareness Week sponsored by Hadassah Mexico. While visiting Hadassah, Dr. Knaul gave a presentation on breast cancer prevention at Hadassah’s School of Nursing. A breast cancer survivor herself, Dr. Knaul has been an activist on behalf of early diagnosis for many years.