Seeking miracles of healing, patients from all over the world come to the Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO). Other patients around the globe receive lifesaving HMO care when Hadassah medical experts bring advanced care where it’s needed most. And HMO breakthroughs reach far and wide, like when two world-renowned HMO doctors, — Prof. Orly Elpeleg, Head of Genetics and Metabolic Diseases, and Dr. David Arkadir, Head of Parkinson’s research — traveled to Mexico and Brazil to share their expertise with professional medical groups.

Every day, HMO’s body of work in genetics redefines what’s possible, one discovery at a time. Help ensure that HMO medical breakthroughs save lives, and give families hope that their loved ones live longer, healthier lives, often against the odds.

Tohar never met her older brother, Roey, who died when he was 4 from a disease no one could name or stop. Two years after his passing, Tohar, which means “pure,” was born. To her parents’ horror, at just 3 months, Tohar was exhibiting disturbing symptoms, quickly deteriorating as her brother had.

But then something amazing happened at HMO. “We found the gene!” said Dr. Dror Mevorach. With Prof. Elpeleg, he discovered that a genetic mutation to CD59 was causing Tohar’s paralysis and rapid deterioration.

Prof. Mevorach is the only doctor who treats this deadly mutation, with requests streaming in each month from patients throughout the world. “We won’t stop until we find what is making our patients sick. And then, we do everything we can to help them,” said Prof. Mevorach. “It’s the Hadassah way.”

Because of Hadassah’s breakthrough, Tohar started kindergarten on time and in good health. Five years have passed and Tohar still comes to Hadassah every two weeks for treatment. Today, her favorite class in school is gym and she recently celebrated her 9th birthday.

This heartwarming story was made possible by the medical professionals at HMO and the generosity of Hadassah donors, like you.