By Patricia Levinson, Hadassah International Communications Chair.

Israel was at war. My husband Lionel and I sat in our blacked-out student apartment at the Weizmann Institute, tears flowing as the radio played the sound of the shofar being blown at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. A knock on our door, and we gathered with friends for an impromptu party. The reunification of Jerusalem was a miracle to be celebrated with a shehecheyanu, and singing Jerusalem of Gold.

Three weeks later, on a trip to Jerusalem organized by the Weizmann Institute for the “foreign scientists” who had stayed during the war, we drove up a narrow road recently cleared of landmines, and viewed with dismay the bombed-out shell of the Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus.

Accessing the Temple Mount, we walked to a narrow street with a high wall on one side — the Western Wall. With a profound sense of history, we left our folded prayers in the cracks.

Fifty years later we renew our commitment to Jerusalem, Hadassah and Tikun Olam.

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