Abandoned infants are often brought to the new Adoption Unit at Hadassah’s Mount Scopus Hospital, where Hadassah staff work together with the Child Services Department of the Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs. “When you see the children who have been abused, you encounter the worst side of human nature, but when you work with the people who take them for foster care and adoption, you meet some of the most remarkable people in the world,” said Hadassah Pediatrician Dr. Isaiah Wexler. Along with his colleague, Dr. Ariel Tenebaum, he attends to the special medical needs of the babies. These include identifying potential developmental challenges for foster and adoptive parents.“It breaks my heart to see these children,” says Dr. Wexler, “but the good news is that often with expert care and love, these children can overcome the unfair fate they were dealt and lead happy, healthy lives.”