By Barbara Sofer

A third terrorist attack occurred in the area of northern Jerusalem, the third attack in 24 hours.

In nearby Maale Adumim, a terrorist stabbed 63-year-old Yair Avraham, a municipal guard. With multiple stab wounds in the abdomen, down and bleeding, Avraham was rushed to Hadassah Hospital’s Mount Scopus campus. Surgeons stopped the bleeding and closed the internal wounds. By late afternoon Avraham woke up in the recovery room. His wife Zippora, his children, the Mayor of Maale Adumim and the Hadassah staff were all there. I was there, too. I told him that the eyes of 330,000 women and men in America, and supporters around the world were all turned to him, and that we all send him a refuya shleima.

In the meantime, on the same floor of the Mount Scopus hospital, at the intensive care unit, the parents, sister, and friends of Chen Schwartz, 19, were taking turns going in to visit him. The wounded soldier is still being kept asleep to recover from the hard surgery he underwent yesterday after being shot twice at close range by a terrorist on a motor scooter near the underpass to Mount Scopus. “The care here is so wonderful,” said his mom Miri Schwartz. “The staff is wonderful and embracing. Please pass on my thanks to the Hadassah women and supporters abroad who have created this wonderful hospital. We have no illusions. Without them, our son would have died. He’s a strong boy, and with God’s help and Hadassah’s, he’s going to make it.”

Prof. Ahmed Eid, head of Surgery at Mount ,admitted that the surgery was very difficult because of the massive bleeding and huge damage. “We used everything we could to save this man. When you are in such a situation at Hadassah, you know that you will never give up until you find a way to save him.” Prof. Eid added that the surgery has removed Chen Schwartz from danger, but that he needs further surgery to improve his condition as soon as he is strong enough.

Surgical Nurse Ruven Gelfond, who headed the Israel Defense Forces field hospitals in Haiti and the Philippines said the Mount Scopus team was determined to do the near-impossible life-saving task.

If you want to keep him in your prayers, his name is Chen ben Miriam and Meir

To see an interview with Prof. Eid, please go to

Downstairs in the Mount Scopus garden, paratrooper Chayim Lev Tov, 22, was visiting with a group of fellow soldiers. He sustained wounds in his hand and leg in Gaza and will be regaining motion in them at Hadassah, a process that will require a lot of hard work and encouragement, according to Dr. Isabella Schwartz (no relation to Chen) who heads the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. “We’re confident he’s going to be just fine.” He asked me to thank all the wonderful friends of Hadassah, and tell them he doesn’t have a girlfriend!

Across town at Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem, five wounded soldiers continue to receive care for their wounds and infections. One remains in serious condition in the Intensive Care Unit, and the others are in orthopedics and internal medicine.

A rocket from Gaza was shot down over Maale Adumim, with debris falling in the Baka Neighborhood, on Hebron Street (Derech Hebron) in Jerusalem.  A  tree was downed, but fortunately no residents were injured.

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Today in Jerusalem. The ninth of Av.