On the front cover of the WA Maccabean magazine this week was an a article: Hadassah: A good news story.

The article follows Hadassah Australia’s 2013 WA annual dinner held at the Jewish Centre in Perth to raise money for the Hadassah “Jerusalem Children in Crisis Center”. The event was organized by the President of Hadassah Australia Lionel King and his wife Vicki. Photos from the dinner were also featured prominently in the “Out and About” section of the WA Maccabean magazine.

“Treating Trauma from Outside and Inside” was the title of this year’s keynote speech by Professor Fiona Wood. Professor Wood was WA Citizen of the Year in 2008 and in 2010 was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia.

Comparing her work with Hadassah’s, Professor Wood said, “I deal with children who have been burnt and have a level of trauma that is hard to comprehend”. “When you change the lives of kids, children you will never meet and in ways you can’t possible comprehend… it is a good news story.” She commended Hadassah supporters who had packed the Jewish Centre saying, “because of your contribution, a child who is ‘challenged psychologically’ will be liberated”.


To read the story in the WA Maccabean, click here.