Dear Friends,

Although the letter below from Hadassah Medical Organization Director General Prof. Zeev Rotstein is addressed to me, it is meant for all of us. Please take a moment to read and share it. It will touch your heart.

Together, our combined Hadassah families, including Hadassah International; Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc.; and Hadassah Medical Organization, grieve as one, and hope and pray for a day when we can live without fear of horrific anti-Semitic acts or any other hate crimes.




Ellen Hershkin
Hadassah National President, Hadassah the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc.

P.S. In case you missed it, please read Ellen’s message about the Pittsburgh tragedy.


October 28, 2018

Ms. Ellen Hershkin
National President HWZOA, Inc.

Dear Ellen,

The anti-Semitic crime that was perpetuated on Shabbat, Saturday 27 October 2018 has left us here at Hadassah in Jerusalem shocked, hurting, but mostly angry. The victims’ only sin is that they were born Jewish, and all they wanted to do was to observe their faith and their heritage in the holy synagogue of their community.

At Hadassah, where we honor the value of every single life and do our utmost in order to save life, without discrimination of religion, gender, age, origin or nationality, we received the bitter news with utter shock.

Together we mourn the senseless murders of our fellow Jews in Pittsburgh. Our hearts go out to the bereaved families, and to the wounded and their families and offer any assistance that they may require.

Hadassah is a symbol of the value of each and every human life. The world needs a strong Hadassah. We remain committed to continuing to do everything possible in order to contribute to tolerance and valuing every single human life, everywhere and anywhere in the world.

We call upon the people of the world to join us, taking an active role in the war against hatred and in our efforts to encourage all forms of tolerance.

We bury our dead in silence and mourn this great loss to our people, while with a heavy heart we look towards the heavens in honor of the hope for human freedom and liberty, and the ongoing education of all generations towards tolerance and honoring mankind.

We will always be strengthened by our love for one another and our determination and passion to make this world a better place for all humankind.

With heartfelt sympathy and hope,




Prof. Zeev Rotstein, Director General, Hadassah Medical Organization