Dr. Vladimir Goldman, a Hadassah Medical Organization orthopedic surgeon, is famous for changing patients’ lives by lengthening their shorter limb to match the other one. But on vacation, Dr. Goldman stretched his own legs by climbing the 5,054-foot Mount Kazbek in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. When he reached the summit, he unfurled the Hadassah flag.

Following the tradition, Kyrill Grozovsky, Hadassah nurse and organ transplant coordinator, unfurled the Hadassah flag when he reached the top of Argentina’s Mount Aconcagua, nearly 7,000 feet high.

Read how Dr. Goldman used stem cells to alleviate 14 years of chronic pain for a man who severely injured his ankle in a hiking accident.

Read about Grozovksy’s life-saving work as a member of Hadassah’s transplant team.

Hadassah orthopedic surgeon – Dr. Vladimir Goldman, at 5,054-feet (1,540 meters) on Mount Kazbek in the former Soviet republic of Georgia