A Ukrainian family injured in the fighting near Kyiv is currently receiving medical treatment at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem after being flown out of Ukraine by a New York-based emergency flight organization. A Russian missile hit their home and injured the mother, father, and one of their sons. A second son, uninjured, is with them in Jerusalem.

Irena Karaush, 44, was admitted to the hospital with moderate injuries, including open fractures of her leg, which will require surgery. Her husband, Maxim, also 44, was lightly injured. Their son Marc, 19, also has an open fracture in his leg and damage to his vertebrae. He requires surgery, too. The second son, 10-year-old George, was not wounded.

“We promised that the medical center is prepared to treat casualties who are flown to Israel and that we will provide any medical assistance that may be required,” said Prof. Yoram Weiss, acting director-general of Hadassah Medical Organization.

He continued, “The three wounded are being treated by Hadassah specialists and are under the best care there can be.”

Said Mr. Karaush, “I want to thank Hadassah Hospital and its supporters. I never thought we would ever require the assistance and help of such great people, but luckily we are here. And now we are safe, and I am sure my family will be treated in the best possible way, and my family will recover soon.”